Le projet de cohérence globale


the Institute of HeartMath

The Global Coherence Project

The goal of the scientifically based Global Coherence Project is to unite millions of people, whatever their belief systems or cultures, to shift global consciousness from instability and chaos to balance and cooperation. This can be accomplished by increasing the potency of people’s positive heart-directed intentions and by deploying a Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) to scientifically measure the effects.

A key component of Global Coherence Project is the Global Coherence Monitoring System, developed in partnership with internationally renowned astrophysicist and nuclear scientist Elizabeth Rauscher and Institute of HeartMath researchers. In effect, the GCMS will be measuring the "brain waves and heart rhythm" of the planet in real time. It will explore whether the earth’s magnetic field is influenced by collective human emotional resonance resulting from heart-directed intention, or in response to major events, and whether the emotional energy generated by the collective intuition about major future events is measurable in this field.

Research has shown that 0.1Hz is the human resonant frequency—the frequency at which spirit, heart, mind, emotions, and body are in resonant alignment with the planet. The term for this is heart coherence. The more heart coherent we are, the greater the resonant energetic connection we have with people, within ourselves, and with nature. This enhances individual and collective intuitive discernment for solving social, environmental and global problems.

Click here to contact us if you would like be part of the Global Coherence Project. We will also notify you when the next introductory webinar is going to be held.

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1. aux intolérants sarcastisques 20/10/2010

Il en est certains je n'en doute pas qui glaussent en lisant ces pages.

Au nom de quoi ? de qui ?

Pourquoi telle ou telle religion ou autre projet collectif aurait-il la primeur sur les autres ? Pourquoi se moquer ?

Par crainte de se voir juger comme sectaire ou intolérant, mieux vaut accorder son respect avant que de l'exiger envers soi-même.

N'est-ce pas alterinfo, pour ne citer que cet exemple dont les railleries ont retenti jusqu'à mes oreilles ?

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